wedding photo retouching tips for bride

Published: 10th September 2009
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one of the biggest mistakes for brides and grooms is to care of every thing in the wedding day and never care for choosing a good photographer.. actually what i can say is that the wedding pictures is the most important things in the wedding day cause its the good memories which we record on pictures. but the food..the good place..the drinks..and every thing else about to go in the end of the day..
and many times when i was working in the portrait studio some brides comes to me and tellin me please i need to fix my photos..the photographer was so bad and he didnt pick the pictures good..edit it for me

alright ...ok .. iam gonna fix it and am gonna help it.. but .. u have to know something ..picking a good pictures is more better than picking bad pictures then to edit it..

my advice is that.. u have to care by the photographer and be sure..that.he has good experience..and good quality.....

wedding photo retouching
wedding retouching
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